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CROATIA’S ATTRACTIONS: Stunning Sea Organ Enchant You by Their Unique-in-The-World Sea Sound!

The Sea Organ in the three-thousand-year-old city of Zadar is one of the ten attractions that you should visit when you are in Croatia. That is what the visitors’ reviews on the world-famous tourist website TripAdvisor say, putting the Sea Organ at high sixth place. Ahead of this attraction are the Ancient City Walls in Dubrovnik, Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Old Town in Dubrovnik, Old Town in Rovinj and Diocletian’s Palace in Split.

Thirty five pipes in symbiosis with nature make a unique sound

The Sea Organ is located in the center of the old town of Zadar, on the coast. This architectural marvel is a modern icon of the tourist Zadar, and you will recognize it by the white stone steps that descend into the sea. Below them 35 plastic tubes of different diameter, length and inclination are hidden. The air pushed by the waves flows from the wider to the narrower part of the tube and produces a unique sound that you will not experience anywhere else in the world. By changing the ebb and tide, waves’ intensity and wind’s direction, countless musical variations, designed by nature itself, are obtained.



The Sea Organ

A place for relaxing, thinking, talking…

The Sea Organ is a place for relaxation, contemplation and conversation.  The recommendation is to visit it at different times of day or the weather conditions, because each „nature’s concert“ is an enjoyment for itself. The musical tuning was done according to selected tones derived from the matrix of traditional Dalmatian a capella singing. Crowds of tourists during the tourist season from spring to autumn photograph themselves as mementos and record video clips to show back home this specialty.

The Sea Organ

View from the Sea Organ to the sunset

The view to the stunning sunset, while sitting on the Sea Organ, to every visitor creates memories for a lifetime. On one occasion, in 1964, when he was visiting Zadar, the famous director Alfred Hitchcock said that Zadar has the most beautiful sunset comparing it with those of Key West, Florida: „Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, in Florida, applauded at every evening.“

The Sea Organ

What those who were at the Sea Organ say…

Here are a few reviews from the TripAdvisor which are the best invitation to visit the Sea Organ:

„It was amazing hearing the sounds of the ocean. As the waves came in we could hear the organ as we approached. The sounds of the organ were so relaxing we could have spend the day by the ocean. But our port day did allows us to spend as much times as we would have liked. Worth the lazy walk down to the ocean.“

 „Sea is producing sounds in that Sea Organ. Don’t miss it if you are in Zadar. I don’t know of similar thing around the world.“

„A lovely experience! My boyfriend and me visited Zadar two times and it was both in the summertime. It’s something you don’t see everyday.“

 „Quite hypnotic. And when the see got rougher it was amazing! And the sunset was amazing! A must see for Zadar and easily accessible from the old town.“


The Sea Organ




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