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THE PLITVICE LAKES – European Natural Attraction!

The Plitvice Lakes

With more than one million visitors each year, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is by far the most visited national park in Croatia. Without a doubt, it is one of the first sites that a tourist should see and is equally attractive during all four seasons.

There are two entrances to the park with parking lots which, by the way, should be bigger. Namely, during the peak tourist season in July and August, because of the crowd, cars are parked even along the highway. I would recommend to come early in the morning.

Eight visiting programmes

Before the visit, take a look at 8 visiting programmes: Choose one, depending on your physical abilities, on the time that you planned to spend, but also on the season of the year. They are all circular, which means that you return to the starting point. In the event of frost and slippery hard frost on the lakes during the winter time, the electric boat and panoramic train, which is actually a bus with more trailers, do not drive.


The last time I visited the park, I chose the “C” route, optimal, in my opinion. Eight kilometers long, you go both by boat and by panoramic train, make tours through all the important points, from the „Veliki slap“ (the „Great Waterfall“) fall, „Veliki Prštavac“ fall (the „Great Prštavac“) and „Mali Prštavac“ fall (the „Small Prštavac“), to the „Šupljara“ cave. The boat departs from the lake „Kozjak“ from the west side and for boarding you wait about half an hour if you are in the park during June. If you don’t want, continue walking along a wooded path by the shore. But I, nevertheless, recommend a boat ride, the view to the natural beauties of the Plitvice Lakes from the floating ship perspective is impressive. Among other things, on the way to the east side of the lake, you will see a small island by the name of Štefanijin otok (in English Stephany’s Island). In the small bay Kozjačka Draga from where the boat departures, you can refresh yourself with food and drink in one of the self-service catering facilities.



Veliki slap (the „Great Waterfall“) – The best location for taking a selfie

The Plitvice Lakes are made of an interlaced piece of work of sixteen crystal-clear lakes, of fascinating green-blue color. They are divided into the „Gornja jezera“ (the „Upper Lakes“) with 12 and the „Donja jezera“ (the „Lower Lakes“) with four lakes.

The “Gornja jezera” (the “Upper Lakes”) spill into the “Donja jezera” (the “Lower Lakes”) in cascades, from south to north. The Plitvice Lakes were inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1979. UNESCO in so doing describes them as „waters flowing over the limestone and chalk have, over thousands of years, deposited travertine barriers, creating natural dams which in turn have created a series of beautiful lakes, caves and waterfalls. These geological processes continue today. The forests in the park are home to bears, wolves and many rare bird species.“

Veliki slap (the "Great Waterfall")

Veliki slap (the “Great Waterfall”)

The best location for a selfie shot is the „Veliki slap“ (the „Great Waterfall“), the biggest waterfall in Croatia, 78 meters high. It is located beside the main routes near the north entrance, you can not miss it! A small note: out of the eight visiting programmes, it is not included only in the „E“ programme. During the tour, you’ll see viewpoints from where beautiful views open up to you, for example, on the „Jezero Galovac“ (the „Galovac Lake“) belonging to the „Gornja jezera“ (the „Upper Lakes“). Or, after leaving the panoramic train at the station 1, when to the Entrance 1 about 800 meters of walk remain. It is worth stopping and taking pictures when you have such spectacular panoramic backgrounds. One of these viewpoints is the one located as soon as you enter through the north entrance of the park. The most attractive „Veliki slap“ (the „Great Waterfall“) is well seeable and, a little below it, an extended cavity with several smaller waterfalls called „Sastavci“.


Galovac Lake

Prices, operating hours…

The ticket prices are the highest in the peak season during July and August, 180 kuna (around 24 Euros) per adult, children from 7 to 18 years of age 80 kuna (around 11 Euros), under 7 years of age free. They include the drive by the electric boat and panoramic train. The working time is from 7 to 19 hours, from 12 September to 18 hours, and parking lots work for additional 2 hours. The National Park is open year round. A special occasion for families is the „Obiteljski tjedan“ (the “Family Week”) in October every year when the price drops to 25 kuna (around 3 Euros)  both for adults and for children. This is not the case every year so it is still good to check the official website of the “Plitvice Lakes” National Park (

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