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THINGS TO DO IN CROATIA: Istralandia is Croatia´s Most Attractive Water Park!

Water Slides for The Ultimate Adventure And Adrenaline Excitement for The Whole Family


The Aquapark Istralandia in the year 2016, out of a total of 25, was proclaimed, by rates of TripAdvisor visitors, the second best European aquapark. Immediately after the Spanish Siam Park on the Canary Islands. A truly impressive achievement.
For the tickets, it is most practical to buy the ticket earlier online, as we did it ourselves. Thus, you will avoid waiting in queues in front of the cashier. Pools, the environment and slides are very clean, we have noticed that immediately upon entering. Walking and lying on a green lawn in the midst of a dry summer like this in 2017, was a real relaxation. There is relatively substantial shade, and more young trees were also planted.



Twelve Slides, From Moderate for Small Children to Those For The Bravest

Here is the list of slides according to the minimum height:

  • Mini Surf, Fantasy Hole, Bunga Hole, Sea Hole and Sky River = 1.00 m
  • Crazy Hills, Family Rafting and Space Rocket = 1.20 m
  • Free Fall, Flying Boats and Top Gun = 1.40 m.

A thousand and six hundred meters of paths in total. Enough for one day, don’t you think so, too? 😊


Three Swimming Pools, Live Music Band, Pool Exercise, Foam Party…

Pools are really clean and tidy, a large pool with a meter and half high artificial waves that are created in certain periods of time attracts the greatest number of guests. There are three swimming pools: one for children, a hydro massage and the already mentioned wave pool. In the afternoon hours, the adrenaline party in Istralandia is raised by a band playing the tin music. Dance and melodies of international hits in the pool by the band, exercising in the pool led by handsome animators and foam party are part of Istralandia everyday offer.


Istralandia is Worth Visiting, But Also The Surrounding Area

Istralandia is located in the hinterland of the town of Novigrad, away ten minute of drive by car. If you are in an all-day visit to the aquapark, it is most practical to have lunch in the self-service restaurant. The offer of dishes is quite good and the prices are all right. In the vicinity of Istralandia, within a 45-minute car drive, there are many more places to visit: Motovun, Grožnjan, Poreč, Umag…


Free Fall And Space Rocket are The Most Exciting

We most liked the Crazy Hills, a soft slides with pretty fast sliding down on six parallel tracks in the shape of waves. The most extreme and most exciting are the 27-meter high Free Fall slide with around 100-meter long path and Space Rocket, in which underneath your feet the floor literally opens and then in a “space capsule” you sink into the depths. A quick downward drop lasts only six to seven seconds.


In The Afternoon More Visitors

From 2 o’clock in the afternoon, when visitors with the half-day tickets come, the crowd is somewhat bigger and one has to wait a little longer for going down the water slides. The biggest crowd is on the Crazy Hills, Family Rafting and Fantasy Hole. Nevertheless, it is worth waiting for. We are talking about the top-season time, or the second half of August when I visited this aquapark.


According to Tripadvisor, Water Park Istralandia is The Best Aquapark In Croatia

If you are in Croatia and love water descents and pools, Istralandia is truly an adrenaline pleasure for families with small or big children. Very good reviews on TripAdvisor also confirm this. The price of 180 kuna (24 € approx.) for adults and 140 kuna (19 €) for children from 1.00 to 1.40 m of height is acceptable. Kids up to 1.00 meter of height naturally come in for free. And one more thing, and should it even be said: On your birthday you have a free entrance as in most amusement parks. 😊





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